Increase of efficiency of oil and gas production. For stabilization and increase in oil production the company realizes the program of the actions directed on increase of efficiency of operational performance and monitoring of profitability of production by application of modern technologies, optimization of Borehole Park and systems of development of fields.


Increase of productivity of data processing and search of new fields is provided with the new technologies applied along with traditional seismic methods, forecasting of perspective oil objects by method of artificial intelligence and their selection by method of field geophysics and geochemistry with use of the complex parameter of probability (CPP) of petro prospects. We use a geochemical way of search of deposits of oil and gas, introduction of passive adsorption of hydrocarbons, the low-frequency seismic sounding (LFSS), geologic-geophysical technology of optimization of a choice of drilling of wells (GTO VM), electromagnetic sounding (Emz), and a new confidential software package for processing of 3D seismic exploration and linear sounding (for identification at small depths of saturated layers).


Drilling in 2014 53 technologies was applied. The most effective technologies for improvement of quality of fastening of wells are installations of silicate bathtubs in the range of productive layers, use of cement of brand G, construction of horizontal and multibottomhole wells. Technologies of drilling of wells of small diameter are also rather effective. In 2014 INVESTGEONEFT GRUPP LTD. is drilled 38 wells of small diameter (WSD), 36 from them is entered for oil production (oil – 44,726 thousand. Tons) Average productivity reached 6,2 tons per day, and the WSD amounted to 296 wells.


Use of modern methods for increase of oil recovery by the company in 2014 provided additional production in 6 192,5 thousand tons. The share of oil extracted with use of methods of increase of oil recovery of layers following the results of 2014 made 23,7% of total production.