Appears after extracting useful products such as petrol, kerosene, gasoline components. It still remains the substance of dark brown color is a useful residue that appears after the refining processes with product. As it is applied and used in many enterprises and fuel industries.


Diesel fuel is a liquid fuel used in a diesel engine. Is obtained by the distillation of petroleum. Has a fairly wide scope, where the main consumers are the heavy type of transport: truck, rail, water, agricultural machinery. In the scope also includes boilers, cooling lubricants and more.


A combustible administered together with air into the combustion chamber of an aircraft engine to generate heat energy in the process of oxidation incineration. Divided into two types - aviation gasoline and jet fuel. First used in reciprocating engines, the second - in turbojet and turboprop.


is formed in the pipe system by mixing heavy sour crude oil Urals-Volga and sweet crude oil in Western Siberia, the respective characteristics of the brand Urals. Currently, also asigned the designation Urals (REBCO) for oil grade Urals, exported from the Russian Federation through the ports of Primorsk and Ust-Luga.


BITUMEN 60/70 artificially derived from petroleum or tar solid element, which is a fairly complex system of different hydrocarbons and other substances. Typically, the bitumen is prepared by combining the hydrocarbon oil with a special sulfur.

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

LPG is the generic name for commercial propane, commercial butane. Whatever the size or nature of your commercial operation, we help you to meet your energy needs to have an excellent product which is a mixture of butane , propane and other light hydrocarbons derived from refining crude oil. At normal temperature it is a gas but can be cooled or subjected to pressure to facilitate storage and transportation.