Caring about health of the employees, the company includes insurance upon industrial accidents, realizes the program of voluntary medical insurance according to which workers can receive the qualified medical care and complete a course of recovery treatment in SPA. In 2013 we strengthened the revitalizing medical institutions for employees of plant, including sanatorium.


INVESTGEONEFT GRUPP LTD. provides corporate social guarantees for workers and a privilege for pensioners (collective agreement). INVESTGEONEFT GRUPP LTD. cares of welfare and social security of the employees and their families. The company provides to the workers a package of social privileges and guarantees.

Obligations are guaranteed and cover all workers and pensioners of the company that is fixed in the collective agreement signed between INVESTGEONEFT GRUPP LTD. and employees.


The collective agreement provides system of privileges and guarantees, social protection of young workers, support of pensioners. The structure of social privileges and guarantees is defined by standards of the collective agreement of the INVESTGEONEFT GRUPP LTD. company which has advisory nature for all enterprises of petro industrial sector. In 2014 the financial aid for ritual expenses to a family of the worker (pensioner) in case of his death was increased. Also payments to the workers dismissed in connection with retirement, to the employees and pensioners who reached anniversary age, to workers in connection with providing the annual paid vacation were increased.


Total amount of the funds allocated for implementation of social programs of support of workers and pensioners of INVESTGEONEFT GRUPP LTD. in 2014 made over 1, 5 billion rubles.