one of the largest Russian oil companies recognized at the international level by vertically integrated holding. As the part of the industrial complex which is steadily developing oil and gas production, oil processing, petrochemical, branches, a network of gas station and power of the serving structures, INVESTGEONEFT GRUPP LTD. also has a share in the companies of financial sector (bank and insurance).

We actively develop new fields in the territory of the Russian Federation, including high-viscosity oil, we expand resource base and outside the country; we increase output and realization of ready types of production of high competitiveness due to development of petrochemistry; effectively we create and we introduce innovative target technical policy. In sources of our company one of the main projects was construction of an oil and petrochemical refinery. The project was started in 2008. Russian Federation government and INVESTGEONEFT GRUPP LTD became initiators of construction.

In 2010 the first stage of a complex and at the beginning of 2012 – the combined hydro cracking installation is put into operation. Today the complex of oil refinery is the full participant of oil processing branch of Russia and makes highly competitive, environmentally friendly production, among which: diesel fuel, Euro-5, aviation kerosene grades RT, TC-1 and Jet A-1. Development in the field of industrial, ecological, social activity and also high level of corporate management, openness and transparency of the company is highly appreciated by shareholders, business partners and investment community in general. Corporate responsibility of INVESTGEONEFT GRUPP LTD is directed on creation of effective and safe workplaces and social support of workers and their families.